Anupam Govil

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Anupam Govil
Mr Govil is a business and technology leader with over 17 years of experience in offshore outsourcing, M&A, venture financing and strategy consulting, advisory to technology and outsourcing firms, emerging outsourcing hubs and private equity funds on globalization strategy and execution.
He is Founder and CEO of Global Equations and over the years has successfully engaged in several sourcing, investment, joint venture and cross-border acquisition deals in the IT and BPO space.
Mr Govil served as the US-based Partner with 2i Capital, and was a Senior Associate with iGate Ventures. He has been part of the founding team of several startup ventures like Investments Inc, Thinknotes Inc and Ipsofacto Consulting, and is a co-founder and past President of TiE Austin. He is also a Board member of the Austin Technology Council and has spoken at several major conferences on venture capital, technology and outsourcing.
Mr Govil holds a B.E. Electronics from Delhi University, in Tech Electronics and Communication from Delhi College of Engineering and in Computer Science from Jawaharlal Nehru Vishvavidyalaya.
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Anupam Govil
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