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The MENA ICT Forum™ is a biennial event organized by the Information Technology Association of Jordan, int@j ( int@j was founded in the year 2000 as an industry-support association for Jordan’s ICT sector, a recommendation articulated in the REACH Initiative (2000–2004). REACH is Jordan’s blue-print to bolster the country's ICT sector and maximize its ability to compete in global markets, create employment opportunities, and foster a knowledge-based economy and society.
Building on the nation’s core asset of highly educated and skilled human resources, int@j envisages for Jordan’s ICT sector to establish the position of a leading regional ICT hub and an internationally recognized exporter of ICT products and services. The association’s mission is to advance and promote the constituents it represents in both, the local and global markets. int@j realizes its mission through positively influencing policy and legislation, offering capacities building programs, carrying out local and regional marketing activities, and providing members with value-added services that help them grow and prosper.
This year, REACH and int@j mark their tenth anniversary and celebrate Jordan’s success in reaching over $2.2 billion in ICT revenue, more than $250 million in ICT exports, approximately 14,500 ICT employment opportunities, and connecting approximately 30% of Jordan’s population.
* Ministry of Information & Communication Technology (MoICT)
Established in 2002, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology is at the heart of the Kingdom's transformation into a knowledge based economy that contributes to the socio-economic development of the Kingdom. MoICT is the policy maker of ICT and post in Jordan, and calls for market liberalization, ending monopoly, and withdrawal of the government from its majority ownership position in telecom & postal operators and public-private partnerships.
* USAID Jordan Economic Development Program
The USAID Jordan Economic Development Program is a broad economic development initiative focusing on private sector led growth. USAID Jordan Economic Development Program mission is to support sectors and activities in alignment with His Majesty King Abdullah’s vision for a Knowledge-based Economy, by inserting Jordanian enterprises into global value chains, promoting investment, and improving the enabling environment to generate value added jobs, exports, foreign direct investment, and sector revenues.
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