Jordan ICT Forum evolution into MENA ICT Forum

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"Jordan ICT Forum" that was previously held in 2002, 2004, and 2006 under the royal patronage, has evolved into "MENA ICT Forum", expanding limits and regional area scope, which will enrich our forum, increase opportunities quantity and quality, and will generate more mutual benefits for all parties, beside improving plans for MENA region future.

Information and Communication Technology [ICT] sector in Jordan has evolved rapidly in the past years, supported by a highly skilled workforce and modern infrastructure. Accordingly and as a success story of Jordan ICT Forum being valuable: "Jordan goes MENA", to share experience and lead the way! MENA ICT Forum seeks to develop a primary position for Jordan to operate as a Regional Information and Communication Technology Center, to be internationally known as a key exporter of ICT Products and Services, and to facilitate international investments for the Largest ICT Companies in MENA Region [Middle East and North Africa], as it also expands into showcasing the whole MENA region's ICT and ICTES success stories, trends, opportunities, future outlook and plans.

MENA ICT Forum 2010, which is scheduled for 2 days (October 10 and 11), will take place at King Hussein Business Park in Western Amman, as a modern and high-tech business park dedicated to the ICT and Information and Communication Technology Enabled Services [ICTES] industries.

Minister of Information and Communication Technology in Jordan, Mr. Marwan Juma, said: "The MENA ICT Forum aims at establishing a leading position for Jordan to serve as a regional ICT hub and an internationally recognized exporter of ICT products and services. It is a unique opportunity for all participants that offers a holistic overview of the region's current position, investment opportunities on hand for creating regional offices for the largest and most prestigious companies to operate out of Jordan and recommended approach for leveraging its potential". His Excellency also commended current efforts and accredited Jordan for the success achieved so far in the field of ICT which will in turn open numerous doors for new markets to witness growth and success. Such important forums are integral affirming the need to raise social awareness to capitalize on the use of ICT to become a pivotal tool promoting social and economical change on local and international fronts. 

Intaj's Chairman, Mr. Aiman Mazahreh, said: "This year's Forum will feature a rich agenda covering vital current and future issues related to regional investment climates, legislative supportive systems, infrastructure and communications, emerging technologies, as well as education and human capital development. The MENA ICT Forum is the venue of choice for high-level decision makers from both the private and public sectors on local, regional and international levels."

Mr. Laith Al Qasem, Chief of Party at the USAID Jordan Economic Development Program, said: "Jordan has a golden opportunity to enter the world of outsourcing due to the huge natural potential that lies within it. we believe our outsourcing strengths lie in sectors such as financial, architecture and engineering, medicine, contract research organizations, renewable energy, as well as environment".


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