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The MENA ICT Forum management and PACT have joined forces to bring in innovation to the forum this year. PACT developed a special mobile application for MENA ICT Forum that enables the participants to have all the information they need available at the palm of their hands.


The MENA ICT Forum mobile application provides participants with the following:


1-      About the Event

2-      Information about the Organizers, partners, sponsors official partners and others

3-      List of all int@j members

4-      Agenda, where the user can have a list of the first and second day session details

5-      A brief description on sessions

6-      Online news and articles

7-      Speakers list with details information and their session

8-      Attendees final list  


This mobile application will provide real time delivery of the latest news and announcement to the audience. We are proud to be the first event in the region to offer this application and service.



Mobile JAVA Application Guide Video

Blackberry Application Guide Video

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