Announcing the main sponsors, partners and supporters of the MENA ICT Forum during a press conference

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Announcing the main sponsors, partners and supporters of the MENA ICT Forum during a press conference
MENA ICT Forum 2013 to bring together different participants from the Global and Regional ICT World
Int@j and the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology announced the main sponsors, partners and supporters of the MENA ICT Forum during a press conference
AMMAN - Information and Communications Association, Int@j, and the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology announced in a press conference the main sponsors, partners and supporters for the MENA ICT Forum 2013, which include professionals in the ICT and Internet industries. 
The forum will be held under the Royal patronage of his Majesty King Abdullah II on March 6 - 7 at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre - Dead Sea.
This announcement came during a press conference that was held on Wednesday the 20th of February at the Sheraton Amman Hotel and that was attended by his Excellency the Secretary General of Ministry  of  ICT , Eng. Nader Thneibat, the Chairman of Int@j, Mr. Mohammad Tahboub,  in the presence of the Forum’s partners and the Gold Sponsor “D1G” represented by; Mr. Alaa Fada President of D1G on behalf of the CEO Mr. Majied Qasem, in addition to the telecommunications companies represented by the CEO of Umniah Mr. Ihab Hinnawi, CEO of Orange Mr. Jean Francois Thomas, and Zain Jordan represented by the Director, Interconnection & Regulatory Affairs, Mr. Mahmoud Zaghalil on behalf of the CEO Ahmad Hanandeh.
The press conference was also attended by the MENA ICT Forum 2013 silver sponsors including MenaITech represented by its Chairman Mr. Habib Ghawi as well as IBM, and in the presence of sliver sponsors Eskadenia, with support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and all partners including ijma3 MENA ICT Week, The Palestinian Information Technology Association (PITA) as a industry-association partner, Official Carrier Royal Jordanian, Knowledge partners Booz&co and Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization, Research partner Arab Advisors Group, Official Arabic newspaper Al-Ghad, Social media partner Social Media Club, Community partners Oasis 500, Endeavor, AmmanTT, Wamda, Nakhweh, Arabia Fast Growth 500, ArabNet, and iPark, and Official Automotive sponsor Nuqul Automotive, who are acknowledged for their support for the MENA ICT 2013, as well as media reporters.  
The press conference was held two weeks in advance of the forum's launch which will be held for the sixth time in the midst of great transformations and changes in the global and regional ICT sector. List of speakers will include a number of renowned leaders, decision makers and experts in the Telecommunications, IT, and digital world. Keynote speakers will be from different countries around the world and will address the topic of future vision of ICT in the Arab World "Arab ICT Spring: Realizing Potential". Organizers of the forum are keen on attracting diverse participation; experts that are highly specialized in their fields and in tune with international and regional developments in the ICT sector.  
From his end, his Excellency the Secretary General of Ministry  of  ICT , Eng. Nader Thneibat emphasized the importance of the MENA ICT 2013 Forum which contributes to the development of the ICT sector in Jordan and the region. Eng. Thneibat confirmed the Ministry’s role in supporting the MENA ICT Forum which comes in line with His Majesty King Abdullah II vision aiming at establishing Jordan as a regional hub and a globally recognized player in the ICT sector, His Excellency thanked all sponsors and partners for their support which reflects the true meaning of partnership between the public and private sector.
Chairman of the Information and Communications Association, Int@j, Mohammad Tahboub, stated: “I would like to thank our gold, silver, and bronze sponsors for their support and all of our partners for their valuable contribution, their collaboration has materialized a vision that we are proud of and we are eager to unravel the event in the presence of all supporters. We share a common platform and we are all committed to develop the ICT sector, across the local and regional fronts. It is an honor for us to work together exploring the significant road map and future developments in this particular sector which is considered a main pillar in the economy of different markets.      
Tahboub highlighted the importance of this year's forum because of the transformations the ICT and Internet industries are witnessing on a global and regional scale. He also added that the forum is extremely timely and significant because of the rapid changes in the services and solutions offered by this sector, which is also becoming of vital importance to other economic sectors.
Tahboub indicated that “the keynote speakers and experts that were invited to participate in the forum will be discussing a list of the most recent and important changes and orientations in this industry, and they will get the opportunity to explore the latest revelations in our country Jordan and our region, it is the perfect time for us to work together and to achieve progress. The level of participation mirrors our region’s promising potential in the field of ICT which is benchmarked against international services and technologies. We strongly believe that the MENA ICT Forum 2013 will create fruitful partnerships that will positively impact several companies and institutions which will reflect positively on the industry and the region.”
Tahboub added that the forum will be held at a time during which the ICT and Internet business and industries are witnessing rapid developments, which necessitates discussing and benefiting from international and regional expertise in this field, which is what we are aiming for in this year's forum.  Furthermore, the Arab World has been generating key successes and valuable experiences in the ICT field, and it’s important to celebrate and highlight these
The MENA ICT 2013 will cover exceptional new opportunities that exist in our region revolving around key topics that are related to the investment in the ICT sector and the overall infrastructural and legislative environment. Topics will tackle entrepreneurship in the ICT, developments in the mobile communications industry, convergence of technology with the various economic sectors (such as education and health sectors), developments of start-up and medium sized companies in the sector and investment in such companies, as well as developments catalysed by social media networks and the proliferation of content and data on the web and other Internet platforms. Media representatives were acquainted with the forum’s overall agenda, exhibition and the “Invest in ICT” event, and the gaming corner among other functions.
It is worth mentioning that the forum has witnessed considerable success in the previous years, starting with “Jordan ICT forum” in the years 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006 followed by the MENA ICT umbrella that was developed in 2010.

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