The MENA ICT Forum 2013 will be hosting the MENA ICT Week

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The MENA ICT Forum 2013 will be hosting the MENA ICT Week
In partnership with the Arab ICT Organization “Ijma3”
The MENA ICT Forum 2013 will be hosting the MENA ICT Week
The upcoming MENA region’s premier ICT industry event, entitled “MENA ICT Forum 2013” has recently announced hosting The MENA ICT Week building on the event’s regular and annual activities in the past period. This event, which is organized by Ijma3; of the Arab ICT Organization, will join efforts with the MENA ICT Forum 2013 that is held in partnership with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology of Jordan, reflecting a dynamic platform with engaging activities inspired by the theme “Arab ICT Spring: Realizing Potential” which will take place on the 6th and 7th of March 2013. 
The MENA ICT Forum addresses will tackle topics and issues in a context that is highly relevant to the MENA region, thus providing the business community, decision makers and stakeholders with a holistic overview of the region’s current position, opportunities at hand and recommended approaches for leveraging the region’s potential.
The collaboration between both parties will enrich the agenda while adding value to the field of ICT that will encourage participants to be part of such a unique function,  The MENA ICT week will embrace several activities including the MENA ICT EXPO, business to business matching sessions, as well as the Arab Golden Chip Award, which is an event that will honor outstanding achievements and ICT companies in the Arab World initially in the following categories: Best Social Innovation Initiative, Best E-Application (Gov,  health, education, environment, banking, commerce), Best Mobile Apps, Best ICT CSR (corporate social responsibility) project – ICT4D, Best Social Media Application, Best Arabic Content Project.
On this occasion, Mr. Mohammed Tahboub, Int@j’s Chairman, stated: “The MENA ICT Forum 2013 is expanding to showcase the entire MENA region’s ICT success stories, and discuss latest trends, opportunities and future outlook, hence we value our partnership with ijma3; the Arab ICT Organization and consider it as a very good opportunity to join our efforts, taking the forum into unprecedented levels of success”.
From his end and representing Ijma3, Mr. Nizzar Zakka; Ijma3 Secretary General commented: “The MENA ICT Forum has grown over the years to establish itself as a pioneering function in the field of ICT. In 2013, we are eager to materialize the partnership between the annual MENA ICT Week and the Biennial MENA ICT Forum and we are confident that participants will enjoy an incredible opportunity of networking and learning from the best and latest trends in the ICT world”.
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