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Usama Fayyad
Executive Chairman

Usama Fayyad is Executive Chairman of Oasis-500, an appointment resulting from King Abdullah II of Jordan in 2010 to help create a tech startup ecosystem in MENA.
  Oasis-500 manages a tech startup investment fund and operates an accelerator/incubator, entrepreneurship training program, and angel network that aims to fund and accelerate 500 Internet and Technology startups.
He is also Chairman & CTO of ChoozOn Corp/Blue Kangaroo -- a personalized mobile search engine for offers based in Burlingame, CA, USA. Up until September 2008, he was Yahoo!'s chief data officer & Executive VP where he applied Big Data techniques to content and advertising targeting and built the world’s largest group of data scientist – helping Yahoo!
grow its revenues for targeting by 20x in 4 years. In 2003 Fayyad co-founded and led the DMX Group, a data mining consulting and technology company that was acquired by Yahoo! in 2004. In early 2000, he cofounded and led Audience Science (digiMine, Inc.) after five years spent leading the data mining and exploration group at Microsoft Research and building data mining in Microsoft's server division.
He held a leadership role at NASA's JPL (1989-1996), where his work in the analysis of Big Data in scientific applications garnered him the top research excellence award from Caltech/JPL and a U.S. Government medal from NASA.Fayyad earned his Ph.D. in engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1991), he holds BSE's in electrical and computer engineering (1984); MSE in CSE (1986); and M.Sc. in mathematics (1989). He has published over 100 technical articles and holds over 30 patents, is a Fellow of the AAAI (Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) and a Fellow of the ACM (Association of Computing Machinery), has edited two influential books on the data mining and launched and served as editor-in-chief of primary scientific journal in the field of data mining 
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Usama Fayyad
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