Rashid M. Al Ballaa

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Rashid M. Al Ballaa
Founder & CEO
National Net Ventures (N2V)
Rashid Al Ballaa is the founder and CEO of

, an internet holding company that is Disrupting Digital Arabia and stimulating the growth of a multi-billion $ internet industry in Arabia. N2V enables web ventures in Arabia by investing capital and offering essential infrastructure services, mentorship, and support to help accelerate their growth. Rashid is also a board member of

National Technology Group (NTG)

, MENA’s largest ICT conglomerate and key provider of Financial Technology and Services. NTG annual revenue grew to over 700 million through 20+ subsidiaries and JVs in the MENA region.  Before N2V, Rashid founded and managed

Mubasher Financial Services (MFS)

, MENA’s first STP e-brokerage company and the only provider of DMA to MENA equity markets.  Rashid now serves on the board of MFS.Rashid holds a B.Sc. in Computer science with honors degree from King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Rashid  M.  Al  Ballaa 
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